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lunedì 11 settembre 2017

Praise for Starbucks (english version)

Starbucks to the Italian people, are the food terrorists for excellence. It's a monster, bad coffee (that's true!), bad sandwiches, but the possibility of recharging the phone battery...but actually Starbucks (which is named after the book " Moby Dick") is a lot more.

Starbucks Logo
It's a place where friends come together to chat, a place where new love is born, a place where people meet for the "last coffee together" before leaving, a place to study or write a book, a place to meet new extraordinary people, a place to read your favorite book / comic / newspaper, a place where mothers and children play together, a place to watch movies or TV Series, a place for an interview, a place to wait...watch, observe.

Cup by Starbucks
Starbucks is all this, a "magic" place where you can experience all the emotions.

N.B. This post was written in Starbucks of Wimbledon (London, UK) where she works, that beautiful Parisian girl with the F(a)nny name.