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martedì 26 settembre 2017

Dear 16-year-old Me

The last day at the English School, Andrea my teacher, he assigned me the task a writing a letter to my self 16year old. You cannot this difficult think about what to write because unfounded my childhood was not very difficult but non easy. My lack of pronunciation and my shyness is not that it has helped to have true friends. That's what I wrote without thinning to much.
Dear Me,
I'm writing this letter from 2017, with this letter I want to help you make no mistake you life.
Now is "perfect", more time in school, friends, family, very summer but the future will be full obstacle.
So enjoy this period, spend more time with you parents (then you will missing a lot); enjoy the night, many times say "yes"; try it with that girls; don't stop study; don't stop read; eat less; travel more; don't stop curiosity.
Maybe all this no help you in living in a best city of the world, maybe all this it will make you have a worse life. I don't know but listen the old younger man...ENJOY THE LIFE!!!